Media Release: People’s Economic Forum March on the World Economic Forum, WEDNESDAY 3 MAY, 9 AM

Media Release: People’s Economic Forum March on the World Economic Forum, WEDNESDAY 3 MAY, 9 AM


On 3 May at 09h00 there will be a People’s Economic Forum march from Durban City Hall to the US Consulate and then to the International Convention Centre where 2000 selected business and business economic elites will be meeting for the World Economic Forum on Africa to shape policies, negotiate trade deals and make investment decisions that benefit themselves at the expense of all us.

With South Africa amongst the most unequal countries in the world, due to overwhelming power by rich elites and multinational corporations, we must support a genuine Radical Economic Transformation which rejects corporate-centric mega-projects, pro-rich economic policies and anti-environmental deals such as-

* the 2010 World Cup which still drains tens of millions of Durban ratepayers money every year that should be used for water and sanitation systems, schools, hospitals, education, housing, roads, electricity, environmental investments and public space;

* the secret nuclear energy agreements that the Zuma regime illegally signed with Russian, US and Korean salesmen;

* the Medupi and Kusile power-plants, funded by the World Bank, which are the world’s largest coal-fired generators now under construction, thus contributing to climate change, as well as being cesspools of corruption and local ecological devastation;

* the National Development Plan’s two main mega-infrastructure projects, to export 18 billion tonnes of coal via Richards Bay with a new R802 billion rail line and associated infrastructure, and the R250 billion Dig Out port and port-petrochemical expansion here in South Durban.


The WEF on Africa will also be attend by South African and African political elites who talk Radical Economic Transformation but make deals with big business that benefit themselves at our expense. THE PEOPLE’S ECONOMIC FORUM MARCH is an opportunity for people who are opposed to state capture, corruption and looting of state resources by political and economic elites to enrich a few at the expense of the rest of us. It is a chance to say “No!” to the Trump regime’s trampling on climate, women, Muslims, people of colour and world peace.

The purpose of THE PEOPLE’S ECONOMIC FORUM MARCH is for people, organisations, communities, movements, campaigns to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with corruption and looting in South Africa, in the rest of Africa and across the world, by self-interested and self-serving political and business elites.

Secondly, the march is an opportunity for people to demonstrate against the rising poverty, inequality, food prices, cost of education; lack of water, electricity, housing, sanitation; and to show their support for a government and economy that serves the needs and interests of people rather than a privileged few.

Lastly, the purpose of the march is for We, the African people who are not invited to attend WEF on Africa and influence the policies that affect our everyday lives, to show our power and have our own meeting on the streets of Africa.

THE PEOPLE’S ECONOMIC FORUM MARCH will start at 9h00 at the City Hall and proceed via the US Consulate to the International Convention Centre and end at Speaker’s Corner on Braam Fischer and Walnut Road at 12pm. From 12pm to 3pm at Speaker’s Corner, there will be an “unwelcoming party” for the looters and polluters of Africa and their supporters who will be arriving at The Durban ICC for the WEF on Africa. Everyone is welcome to join the march at 9am at City Hall and the rally at 12 pm at Speaker’s Corner to show show that the power of the people is greater than the self-interested, elite group of people in power. People can bring their friends and colleagues, flags, banners, posters, drums and other musical instruments, food, snacks, water and wear purple for people power.



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